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Starfish Snaps

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Product Details

Stunning Starfish Floating "Sea" Snaps! These snaps feature a "floating" stone that moves freely in the snap creating a shimmering sparkling look.

The colored gems inside are bright and vibrant with a great deal of shimmer and sparkle. Snaps are substantial in weight and size and pair with all of the snap base pieces.

These snaps come in four colors and measure about .75" in width. They make a stunning addition to all of your snap jewelry accessories!

Choose from:

- Emerald Green
- Magnenta
- Light Aqua
- Purple

How do you wear our pieces?

1. Pick a base piece from our vast selection.
2. Select a handpressed or glitzy snap!
3. Pair, wear and enjoy!How do you wear snaps?

1. Select your base pendant, bracelet, or earrings.
2. Select lots of hand-pressed or crystal snaps!
3. Pair, wear and enjoy! It's a snap!

About the Maker

Mary Cattapan designs hand-pressed snap jewelry. She features pendants, bracelets, necklaces, and other accessories to coordinate with her specially designed snaps. Made in Illinois.

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