All Star Spirit Bears are a unique way to celebrate your cheerleader.
Featuring the team logo in cheer uniform fabric on a soft fleece background,
this will be a keepsake your cheerleader will treasure.

All-Star cheer bears were created as an alternative to doll uniforms or generic stuffed cheer bears.  These bears are made of fleece that is similar to team colors.  The logos are made of mystique and other cheer fabrics in team colors.  Accents on paws and feet are of the team uniform colors and often the same type of fabric.

Competitive cheerleaders aren’t competition-ready until they have the super big bow – and these allstar spirit bears include a bow that is almost the same size as a “real” cheer bow.  The bow is attached with a safety pin and includes a pony-o so your cheerleader can wear the bow too!

View the samples below, order your custom bear here.