The 6 cheer moms you’ll meet

When you’ve been to as many cheer competitions as I have (more if you’re a coach!) then you quickly realize that you see the same personalities over and over.  Cheer moms are the biggest, best fans a cheer leader can have, no doubt.  But they really get their crazy on at cheer competitions.  Here are the 6 moms you’ll meet at every cheer competition:

  • Team Mom – whether designated by the gym or taking it upon herself, this mom is the mother hen and then some.  She’s the go to person for extra hair ties and tide-pens.  She’s the one who pulls together goody bags and herds the team into position for photos.  Wonder where you’re supposed to be when? Ask the team mom personality – she’s got her finger on the pulse of what’s happening at all times.
  • Fashion Mom – always in style, this mom is the most fashionable one at the competition.  Matching earrings, bags, shoes, nails – you name it, all in team colors! There is no mistake who she’s cheering for and she’s dressed to the nines to prove it! What’s even more surprising is that she manages to be everywhere her cheerleader is, almost running up and down the concourse at venues like NCA and never looks like she broke a sweat.
  • Cell Phone Mom – Technology is her friend and she’s using it to the max! Taking photos, posting on Facebook and Instagram.  She’s using the latest filter on Snapchat and ready to “go live” when her cheerleader’s team takes the mat.  Between performances you’ll find her working on her laptop or reviewing the performance order on her tablet.  Be sure to join her group chat so you’ll always know what’s up!
  • Hair & Make Up Mom – You’ll see her in the stands with a teasing comb in one hand and hairspray in the other.  This mom should get the award for “highest hair” because she’s got it down! She’s carefully applying lipstick and has the ability to blend eye shadow into the the nicest ombre effect.  If you’re a novice at hair and make up, just ask this mom because she’s always willing to lend a helping hand.
  • Entourage Mom  This mom is always in the company of at least least two other moms at every competition.  More than just a common interest, these moms resemble the high school cliques in the way they act.  Like the “cool kids” in the high school lunchroom, these moms have their own private jokes and it’s sometimes at the expense of other cheerleaders (and their moms).  While it’s great to have friends, taking it to this level makes other moms uncomfortable.
  • The Laid Back Mom –  They aren’t mean or unsocial, but they just aren’t into all the “cheer mom” stuff.   Most likely they’ve spent a long time in the cheer world so nothing really phases them anymore.  These moms sit near but not in the main group, preferring to enjoy the competition from their own vantage point.  But they fiercely defend the team and the gym, proudly and loudly cheering when the time comes. Talking to these moms you’ll find a real down to Earth friend who will have your back when you least expect it.

There’s nothing quite like being the mom of a cheerleader. No matter what group you may fall into, all of us cheer moms have one thing in common – we love our cheerleaders to the moon and back!


  1. I’m team Mom and cell phone mom….always posting pictures and making posters and slide shows for our end of season banquet. Going into our 8th year of being part of a wonderful sport. Inspiring our team mates and others. We big happy Cheer family!

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