The Spirit bears are all custom, hand-crafted, made to order.  

The bears, while representing a certain team, are artistic endeavors.   I try to use fleece in colors that are complementary to your team and then add the logo.  I have fleece on hand in your gym colors and will add actual “cheer uniform” metallic type fabric as accents. 

  1. Open this link to the custom bear order page. (opens in new window)
  2. Select the “Custom Team Spirit Bear” item – it’s the very first item. Even though the bear doesn’t look like your team, this is the starting place. The item is showing several options.
  3. Fill in the blanks on the order:  Team colors, team name, team city/state (this helps me locate team information on the web to verify colors/logo). 
  4. Select your options:  Bow (for girls) or Beanie (for boys), bling, name options and etc.
    If you are adding a name to the foot, stick to 5 letters. Seriously that footpad isn’t big enough for more than 5 letters.  Consider a monogram (3 initials) or nickname if you have a long name.
  5. Need by Date – Please allow time for the bear to be cut, sewn and art added. This is not an overnight process and during the holidays (and peak cheer season) it may take longer.
  6. Select the quantity – most of the time this is “1”
  7. Click add to bag.  

Once the order is placed you’ll receive a follow-up email asking for additional information such as team logo, team colors, or anything else that I need to do a good job.

If you have a specific team logo or team name in the special text (like on the uniform front), please send a clean image without any background and not on the uniform.   I charge a $15 graphic design fee for images that are not ready for cutting.  For example:

These examples are NOT ready for cutting:

Bad examples
These are examples of logos that are not cut-ready and would be charged $15 fee.

These ARE clean logos ready for cutting:

Clean Logos
These designs are ready for cutting.

Please be sure that the gym is okay with logo being used*, otherwise, I’ll create a similar image/logo to use on the bear.

  • Fleece bear is about 18″ tall, floppy arms/legs
  • Paws & feet are made of cheer fabrics used in uniforms so they match
  • Stuffed with poly fiberfill
  • Nose & eyes are child proof, won’t come off.
  • Your team logo – we’ll get info from the internet
  • Choose a bow (girl) or beanie (boy)
  • Cheer bow: 3″  to 4″ tall with pony-o, comes off so the athlete can wear it too!

Each bear turns out to be unique, and subsequent orders from the same team are different unless specifically requested to be near identical.

Availability: Usually Ships in 1 to 2 Weeks.

* From our policies page:
“Designs, logo’s and materials supplied by you to us in connection with an order are the responsibility of you as the customer. Make sure you own or have permission to use, the materials supplied to us. By placing an order you agree to hold Cheerdocious and its owners/employees harmless from any claims of improper use of the materials supplied by you for the creation of custom merchandise.”