Group discounts are available – here’s what you need to know.  Most of the items in the online shop are already set up to discount the order based on quantity.  Quantities larger than those already on the website are available for gyms.  Contact me for quote.

What makes a group order?

  • 15 or more pair of shoe covers (allow a minimum of 3 weeks)
  • 3 or more bears (allow a minimum of 3 weeks)
  • 5 or more bags (allow a minimum of 2 weeks)
  • 5 or more beanies (allow minimum 2 weeks)
  • 3 or more sets of scrunchies (allow a week or so)
  • 3 or more caps (allow a minimum of 3 weeks)

Gym orders are larger than those listed above – usually more than 10 – 50 of any item.

Ask about discounts on additional items.

If you are planning a larger order, it’s best to confirm by email in advance, that your order can be delivered by your “need by” date.

The best time to order for a group is between March 15 and September 15.  This is the “slower” time of year and larger orders are done a bit faster.

Absolutely no group orders between October 15 and March 1.

Gym Owners Registration:

Set up your team account here!  I’ll email you login information and be able to assign special discounts and promotions based on your gym owner status.

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