A Message to My Cheer Family

Hi Cheer Family.

A lot going on in the world these days. 🧸

I knew something was amiss when my bank emailed me on Wednesday to say what they were doing about the coronavirus.  I was like “good that’s a responsible institution doing responsible things”.

And then Varsity 📣 started canceling events – which they NEVER do – and I thought “oh wow this must be getting real if they’re canceling events.”

🤔 Makes you wonder about all those free hand sanitizers you got over the years.

I realized… there are probably a ton of people out there wondering what a little crafting mom would do to help keep COVID-19 at bay.🤷  Okay maybe not but here it is just the same.

🧸 I wash my hands 👐 and sanitize all contact surfaces in the workshop with expensive chemicals before beginning each project. Sure that’s a bit unusual but what do we know about germs these days?

🧸 I wash 🧼 all the fabric before I cut it for your orders. Just in case no one at the fabric store or wholesale market sneezed or coughed on it.

🧸 I’ve been keeping up with the coronavirus health advisories and am actively maintaining a social distance 😷 and not going to large gatherings. In fact, we’ll be looking at graduation dresses for my daughter and ordering online. I’ll probably make her prom dress myself.

(Update: Due to the coronavirus aka COVID-19, my daughter will not be having a graduation ceremony or prom.  She is devastated to not have those traditional experiences but she’s not alone.)

🧸 I tried to do my part in hoarding toilet paper 🧻 but I was too late to participate. But I did find a lone bottle of Clorox clean-up and got a 5 pack of disinfecting wipes as the store was restocking.

Bottom line, we’re all in this together, we’ll all do our part.

It’s sad 😢 that we can’t attend events that we’ve all looked forward to but in the end, if it will keep us from getting sick and allow us the chance to be there for all the events in the future – totally worth it

In the meantime, I’m here in the workshop sewing bears. Message me if you need anything or just want to chat.

May God bless and keep us all.

TJ Elkins.