Shouter Wear cheer shoe covers are a unique way to keep cheer shoes looking great all season long.

As you probably know, the most commonly used cheer shoes are very light weight and the soles are just not made for street wear.  Plus, most cheer shoes are white so they attract every bit of dirt. Order yours here.  (View Gallery Below)

One alternative, of course, is to wear a different pair of shoes to practice or competitions.  Now you have an extra pair of bulk shoes or boots.  Just another item to carry and track.

That’s why cheer shoe covers are such an awesome idea!  These are compact, lightweight covers that go on over cheer shoes. Made specifically to protect your cheer shoes as you go back and forth to practice or competition, they have tough soles that can stand up to the streets and concrete.  The inner sole is a water proof vinyl.  Great protection for delicate cheer shoe soles.

The uppers are made from stretchy fabric that hug your cheer shoes for a snug fit. This keeps the shoe covers over your shoes until you’re ready to take them off.

Just a few quick tips:

  • The cheer shoe covers are made to protect shoes from street wear and weather elements.
    The soles are water proof, weather resistant. 
    The uppers can be made to resist water when coated with a repellent like Scotch Guard. 

    DO NOT wear cheer shoe covers over shoes during practice or while performing!
  • These are not designed to completely cover the shoe, just to protect the bottom sole from street wear. The amount of shoe this covers will vary based on the type of shoe.
  • The inner soles are vinyl and can be easily wiped clean if you find the inside of the shoe cover has gotten dirty from the bottom of the cheer shoes themselves.
  • These are supposed to be “snug” on the outside of your shoe. If they are loose you may find that the edges of the sole wear prematurely.
  • The bows are detachable, held on by safety pin. This is so you can change bow colors based on your outfit or team. If you need additional bows contact us.
  • And they can even go through a quick cold water wash if necessary (please don’t put them in the dryer!)  Be sure to reapply water proofing to uppers when they are dry.

If you have any questions, concerns or problems with your Shouter Wear please contact us. They come with a 1 year guarantee. We will happily replace the shoe if you have any problems beyond normal wear & use.

View some of my creations below – order in our store.  Questions? Contact me!