Competing with COVID

It is the question on everyone’s mind… what will comp season actually look like in 2020? Unfortunately, I don’t think we have been given any definite answers. Yet producers are giving their event schedules, and gym practices are underway. So when November rolls around, what can we expect and prepareRead More →

Cheerdocious Ambassador

This cheer season, Cheerdocious has 4 Ambassadors helping to spread the word and I’m profiling each one. This is the third of four profiles. Josie is a seasoned cheerleader who has been cheering for 8 years.   She is a base for her stunt group and is currently working to perfectRead More →

Cheerdocious Ambassador

This cheer season, Cheerdocious has 4 Ambassadors helping to spread the word and I’m profiling each one. This is the second of four profiles. Silver is our youngest ambassador but she’s been an allstar cheerleader for four years already.   As a Mini Level 1.5 Prep cheerleader, she will probably remindRead More →

Hi Cheer Family. A lot going on in the world these days. 🧸 I knew something was amiss when my bank emailed me on Wednesday to say what they were doing about the coronavirus.  I was like “good that’s a responsible institution doing responsible things”. And then Varsity 📣 startedRead More →

Cheerleading hotel prices

When my daughter first started cheering 11 years ago, we would travel and stay at a hotel that gave our team the best group rate. We actually had a great parent volunteer who made endless calls to negotiate free parking, complimentary breakfast and more – at a great rate! AboutRead More →

Gym closes

Competitive cheer is a sport that forges bonds between coaches and athletes, and even closer between athletes and teammates.  When you’ve competed with the same gym for a number of years you are more than just teammates, you’re family.  And when cheer gym closes, it feels like a huge lossRead More →

Cheer Goals

This year is coming to a close.  Most gyms are about 1/2 way through the cheer season.  Looking back there are undoubtedly things you might think you would want to do differently or change up a bit.  Now is a great time to look forward and think about getting toRead More →

Cheer hangover

If you went to competition this weekend, chances are you’ve got a bit of the “cheer hangover.”  The feeling is akin to the morning after you’ve had a bit much to drink at a rock concert.  You might feel like your head is stuffy but not really a cold, yourRead More →

Every year the new season kicks of with brand new shoes.  Most of the teams choose white shoes, although a few are now looking at black to compliment uniforms.  Cheer shoes are specially made to be lightweight so cheerleaders get the best bounce and don’t have “drag” to slow themRead More →

If you’ve been following the story of Hurricane Harvey you know that it’s brought an enormous amount of water down on a city that just can’t handle it.  If you’ve followed our Facebook page, you know that one of the cheer gyms in Houston, University Cheer Air Force, has steppedRead More →