46 Cheer hacks for all star cheerleaders (and their moms)

New to cheer? Need a few good hacks to help this season? We got your list right here!  Everything from practice to the competition mat and after – these are the best cheer hacks on the net.

Practice Time

  1. For higher jumps, practice with ankle weights
  2. When stretching, stretch both legs keeping your hips even. This will avoid hip / back pain.
  3. Pull your heel stretches in front of your body, not to the side.
  4. Positive thoughts about your skills will help you tumble, stunt & dance better.
  5. Keep your arms locked when stunting, this will help you avoid bobbles.
  6. A perfect handstand helps produce perfect stunts – for bases & flyers! Great for balance and core control.
  7. Flyers, put your tongue on the roof of your mouth when stunting, it will help tighten up the rest of your body.
  8. Bases try standing more on the ball of  your foot to balance your flyer.
  9. For extra stretching time, stretch out after a hot shower. Your muscles are looser and it’s easier to get those stretches.
  10. Wash your face after every practice to avoid clogging pores with sweat – it’s also very refreshing after a hard workout!
  11. Run cool water over your wrists when you’ve gotten hot at practice.
  12. Dry shampoo is great for hair after practice, especially if you have to be somewhere right away.  It takes away the sweaty smell.

Keepin’ it Clean

  1. Keep hair from sticking to your brush by weaving a dryer sheet through the bristles.  Weave through all the sections then when you brush your hair any left on the brush are easily removed.
  2. Smelly shoe bag or back pack? Add dry tea bags or fabric softener sheets to get the smell out
  3. Magic erasers work wonders on dirty cheer shoes (or use cheer shoe covers!)
  4. Use a baby wipe to clean your bow – it’s gentle and won’t loosen the gems or fabric.
  5. Cheer clothes look newer longer if they are washed & dried inside out (on low).

Ready to Compete

  1. Curb night before anxiety by meditating or doing yoga
  2. Bring healthy snacks into venues (past the purse police) using your Infinity shoe box – no one checks those. Or, roll in a blanket in the bottom of your mom bag.
  3. Freeze water the night before so it’s ice cold to drink at the arena.
  4. Use a clear pocket folder with lanyard for your athlete to store team practice / compete times. Keeps it handy around their neck since they usually don’t have pockets for stuff.
  5. Don’t eat for 2 hours before you hit the mat. Any greasy or super sweet food doesn’t do well with nervous energy and tumbling.
  6. Use a nylon sock to remove deodorant streaks from your uniform. Rubbing the streak with the sock takes it right off.
  7. Hand sanitizer is a great “quick fix” for removing all sorts of stains from uniforms.  Personally I always travel with a Tide pen as well.
  8. Spray shoelaces with hairspray to keep them from coming untied so easily.  Don’t want to throw a shoe during practice or competition – it’s a safety violation.
  9. Here’s a way to lace up loose fitting cheer shoes so they stay on by setting your heel.
  10. Don’t shampoo your hair before putting it up for cheer – instead just rinse good with water. Slightly dirty hair makes it hold it’s shape better.
  11. Use a wide tooth comb for teasing.
  12. Tease hair starting with the front, not the bottom / back. Seriously!
  13. Use volumizing powder or “dirt” to help achieve “big hair”
  14. Fly away hair? Use hairspray on a spare toothbrush to brush it into place.
  15. Keep extra bobby pins in an empty tic tac container.
  16. Cut the pony tail holder on your bow and tie it in a square knot onto your pony-tail (already in place with another ponytail holder) This makes sure it’s really in there good!
  17. Small bobby pins work better than large ones for keeping bow in place.
  18. For perfect make up the day of competition, don’t wear any make up for 2 days before.
  19. A bit of chapstick on your skin will make glitter stick longer.
  20. Mascara getting clumpy? Try stirring in a bit of Vaseline to loosen it up.
  21. Put baby powder on before you put on your uniform, helps keep you dryer and the uniform won’t rub as bad.

On the Mat

  1. Wave to the crowd during your routine – show the judges how much you love your sport!
  2. The key to great facials is to mouth A E I O U with big eyes while smiling.  Know the words to your music and sing along.
  3. If you make a mistake, don’t freeze.  Just smile and keep going!

And Afterward

  1. Always have makeup remover wipes in your bag.
  2. The leave-in conditioner by Rock Your Hair works wonders on getting all of the product out.
  3. Untie the ponytail holder to let the bow out (see above)
  4. Don’t pull the final pony tail holder out, cut it – it’s easier on your head and hair.
  5. Did you lose a gem from your uniform? They can be replaced with hot-fix gems sold at craft stores (or online).
Know of a great cheer hack that didn’t make the list? Let us know: cheers@cheerfulideas.com


  1. Alcohol-free deodorant helps reduce armpit stains.

    Dryer sheets, especially used ones help remove deodorant from the outside of the uniform.

    Paracord is a great replacement for hair ties in bows.

    A half and half mixture of dawn dish soap and rubbing alcohol removes red lipstick

  2. Put a disposable shower cap over your bow if you need to spray hairspray after you’ve put it on

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