19 Things in my cheer mom bag

After attending cheer competitions with my daughter for nine years I am a pro at what a mom might need in her “mom bag” as my daughter calls it.  You never know what you might encounter at a competition and, possibly because I was a Girl Scout, I am always prepared.  So for anyone who is just getting into the sport or if you just want a curious peek in my bag, here are the 19 essentials I carry to every competition (my daughter’s backpack has her stuff – this is all on me).

  1. Mini first aid kit – a little square one that’s usually in the travel / sample area of Walmart.  It has bandaids, a little ointment, you know, in case someone skins a knee.
  2. Pepto bismol tablets – greasy food, nervous belly, too much excitement. . . any of this can lead to an upset tummy for mom or cheerleader, great to have a few available.
  3. Ear plugs – don’t laugh.  I have figured out that part of the cheer hangover is the loud music all day long and the ear plugs help! I can still hear everything, but my ears don’t take a pounding.
  4. Headache medicine – see number 3 above, enough said.
  5. Trail mix or other healthy snacks – sometimes I have to sneak it in (more on this in another post) but it sure beats the unhealthy items stocked at most arenas.
  6. Water – it’s easy to get dehydrated when you are spending long days at the arena.  Not only does your athlete need to stay hydrated to be at her / his best, you need it too!
  7. Wallet – a little spare change . . . honestly it’s more like $20 bills come in handy for everything from parking and spectator fees to that fancy blueberry scented hairspray and bows on sale in the lobby.
  8. Mini chargers with charging cables.  Because it’s a drain using Facebook in the arena.  Those little rechargable, hand held chargers have saved us on more than one occasion.
  9. Tablet – I have my electronic tablet usually with a book on it for those lulls in the competition.  It also has my daughter’s games and, again, access to Facebook.
  10. Nail polish remover (and cotton balls) – oops! she forgot to take off her polish before leaving for the competition. Although after this long it’s something she’s really good about remembering so we have it to loan to other cheerleaders.
  11. Teasing comb – because I worry that I may not have packed one in her bag and it never hurts to have a back up, in case I leave one in the hotel room.
  12. Mini hair spray / hair product – As a back up and it’s easier to handle when doing hair at the arena.  Although that blueberry stuff is really good so the last few comps my daughter has that tall spray container in her bag.
  13. Texturizing “dirt” – great for teasing the hair up. And we saw an awesome demonstration at NCA on how to use the product when teasing hair.
  14. Bobbie pins – You never know when you’ll have a hair fail or a teammate needs to pin a bow in place.
  15. Ponytail holders – because these can break.  You’ll never have enough – trust me on this one.
  16. Make-up remover wipes – for make up boo boos before the competition and for that much craved “get this off my face” after the competition.
  17. Regular wet wipes – for everything from food on hands to cleaning off the arms of the chairs. These individually packaged wraps are great to keep on hand.
  18. Tylenol – athletes are sometimes sore after all the practice and competition.  It never hurts to have a few available in case the need arises.
  19. Tissues – as amazing as these athletes are.  Every time I see my daughter perform my heart swells with joy and pride and often just a few tears.

So there you have it – it’s not that much (or is it?) to keep in a bag.  I usually only have the travel sizes so it doesn’t take up much room and I get a sense of security knowing I’m prepared for just about anything.  Hope this helps you prep for your next competition!  Best of luck!